The idea

We’re trying to achieve that it is possible for YOU to share your hardly researched project, reaching from coding to hardware, easily. It does not matter how complex, specific or uncommon your project is because you can be sure of one: Somewhere, someone is trying to do the same and maybe has trouble as you did before figuring everything out.

So the idea is to build a huge database with specific content for computer scientists to share, find and solve projects, and we would like YOU to help us

How do we finance ourselves?

Right now, we are paying everything by ourselves to see how fast we are growing but in the near future we may be relying on paid links, some small ads or donations. But we will be definitely stay free for everyone!

Maybe you have already seen that, when trying to create a new post, you can not add media files directly but only by URL. That is because we do not have unlimited webspace within our budget. So recommend services like https://imgur.com/ to upload your media files to.

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